Tuesday, July 28, 2020


This could be the start of a whole new career for me as a interviewer. And it has been provoked by Paul Waters' new book Blackwatertown. I have blogged on the book here and reproduced some of my own marketing efforts here.

Now there is a further treat in store. Paul has kindly agreed to give me a whack of his time to interview him about the book, and, of course, himself.

Paul covers a lot of ground, from his origins in Northern Ireland's Belfast to his current freelancing from his pad in Buckinghamshire. He gives away a few secrets about what is real and what is purely his own imagination. He recounts how he came to understand and like his characters as they developed in the course of his writing the book. He reveals how he got an endorsement from Frederick Forsyth, author of Day of the Jackal, and many other established authors. He explains the nature of his unconventional publisher Unbound.

And finally some good news for fans of John Oliver (Jolly) Macken. But my lips are sealed. Check out the interview.

If, like myself, you're in your anecdotage, your sight is failing and if you just can't stand the sight of either of us, here's a podcast of the interview which you can listen to with your eyes closed.

You can buy the book at Paul's website and also see there a whack of bookshops on these islands where the book will be on the shelves, if not already there. It can also be got from the publisher's website, and in extremis from Amazon.

Thank you Paul for a most interesting and evocative interview and the more so for giving us this unputdownable adventure story set in Northern Ireland during the IRA border campaign at the end of the 1950s.

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