Saturday, September 30, 2017


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The idea of the public or street piano has been around for a while. It essentially involves leaving a piano in a public place for passers by to play it.

There is now one in Pearse Station and it is going down a bomb. I suspect, however, that this one may be unique. It was offered to Irish Rail by piano tuner John Murphy, which probably explains its lovely tone and that it is beautifully in tune.

It's on the South bound platform and when it comes to waiting for a train I'm usually on the opposite platform. Today I made a point of crossing over to have a look and I found this young lady playing away.

And yes, she can actually play, and was not just posing for a picture. I asked her Dad was it OK to take a photo for a blog post and got the go ahead.

Job oxo, and she looks very pleased with herself, as well she might. You're never too young to start.

I did the fiddle myself but that was probably a mistake. It is always a delicate matter to stay in tune as you make your own notes rather than simply choosing them and it is always an advantage to have learned a keyboard instrument when it comes to harmony, either composing it or just trying to keep up with Nancy Calthorpe in class.

John Murphy, piano tuner

John studied Piano Tuning and Restoration at Newark College Piano School, the UK Centre of Excellence and subsequently worked for a busy and well established piano workshop in South London for a number of years. He is now making his services available to the Irish public. His nice clean website is every bit as crisp as his piano tuning.

I was very taken with this photo on his contact page.

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