Wednesday, September 07, 2016


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I was in a neighbour's garden yesterday when I spotted a spider patiently waiting for his dinner to turn up. I didn't have the time to hang around and see how it all turned out so I left him to his waiting.

For him read her if appropriate. Neither my knowledge nor experience stretches far enough for me to solve that one on the fly, as it were.

This morning, when I came out of the house to bring my car to the car doctor, I noticed a spider, right in the centre of a web he had spun between the car and the nearby hedge.

It was early morning and neither the light nor the position were as good as yesterday, on top of which I found it damnably hard to get an auto focus camera to focus on a spider. So the quality from here on is not all that it might be.

I wondered if this the same fella as yesterday? If so he has clearly been in the wars, losing limbs and bits thereof. However breakfast had arrived and been duly cocooned.

I couldn't say whether he was in the course of eating it or, like the Donnelly's skinless sausages of old, just double-wrapping it for double-protection. So I went round the other side for a better view.

That didn't really help much.

And then, I don't know if he saw me coming and decided to try and protect his prey from a new intruder, or if he just got overcome with hunger for his breakfast, but he immediately embarked on a flurry of activity, encircling the food bank with his remaining limbs.

Following which, he kindly posed for the above trophy photograph.

Whether it was his last or not, and whether he got to eat the rest of his breakfast or not, I do not know.

I had to drive out to the car doctor and I've no idea whether I took him with me or left him behind.

In any event he gets his five minutes of fame and a crack at relative immortality on the real web.

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Roger O'Keeffe said...

Years ago, I had a decommissioned car which I was planning to do up for resale, and which stayed parked in the same spot for some time. When I noticed that spiders had taken to spinning webs between the wing mirror and the door, I decided I had left it too long.

Now spiders' webs seem to be a permanent feature of the mirrors on both wings of our current cars. Have our arachnid friends discovered a new environmental niche, and spread the word around?