Tuesday, July 05, 2016


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I'm sure we're all familiar with this image in some form or other.

This particular one is part of the War of the Murals in the North and it, and a host of others from both sides of the conflict, make up the latest photo exhibition in the Michael Edwards space in Donaghmede Shopping Centre.

The photos are by members of the local photo club, St. Benedict's Photo Group. It started out as an over 55s male group but now has some ladies among its 33 members. Apart from their own photo activities they support other community groups in the area and elsewhere in the country.

The present exhibition is a revelation, both for the variety and quality of the murals and the excellent photographs.

I am just reproducing a few below but there are loads of them in the exhibition. It is unmissable and should be around till the end of the month (July 2016) after which the space will be given over to phases of Michael's annual photo competition.

Drivers of Black Taxis murdered by Loyalists

An raibh tú ar an gcarraig

The depth of the conflict in history is also reflected in the murals. Here is the mass rock during the penal laws. And to add some drama, the soldiers are on their way and the lookouts are rushing back to warn the people to disperse.

If one side can go back in history, so can the other. The Apprentice Boys locked the city gates against the approaching Jacobite army in 1689.

And the siege, and its mentality, are still a live issue. At least these guys took the trouble to give us a proper representation of the Union Jack.

Meanwhile, children will be children no matter what is going on in the background.

And finally, my own personal favourite. A really imaginative piece of work.

Do try and get along to see this wonderful exhibition. I hope they are contemplating a book though I'm sure that would present its own complications.

Anyway, congratulations and thanks to St. Benedict's Photo Group for a wonderful exhibition and for letting me reproduce some of the exhibits.

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