Monday, May 09, 2016

UK in EU

UK head over heels
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A piece by the UK Independent has drawn attention to the European Parliament flying the Union Jack upside down during Prime Minister Cameron's recent negotiations with the EU in the context of Brexit. All sorts of meanings have been attributed to this from it being an indication of UK distress to plain downright disrespect by the Parliament.

Good copy, but all probably wrong. The simple truth is that most people don't know that the Union Jack is capable of being flown upside down. They assume it is symmetrical on all axes. It is not. And the protocol people at the European Parliament should know this and pay attention when flying it.

from the EP's own Facebook page on 23/3/2015

But what would you expect from a crowd who have flown their own European flag upside down on occasions.

People don't realise that you can fly the European flag upside down either and it is done all over the place. I've brought a few of these together in a post. The crucial thing to remember is that the star on the European Flag is not the Star of David and it is not symmetrical on its horizontal axis.

Mind you, they do get it right sometimes, but probably fortuitously.

EP Brussels

EP Strasbourg

Thanks to Nora for drawing my attention to the Independent piece and to Vivion for the screengrab from the EP Facebook page.

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