Thursday, December 10, 2015

Garret at the ECJ

Garret FitzGerald
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I was checking through some old photos when I came across this one. I suspected it was in Luxembourg but couldn't be quite sure. My friend, former colleague, and current Luxembourg resident, Vivion Mulcahy, checked it out for me and Luxembourg it is.

It was taken in 1966/7 during an EU study trip to Brussels and Luxembourg. The location is the Place d'Armes in the centre of the city and the building in the background then housed part of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which has since moved to the Kirchberg.

Plaque on the Cercle Municipal building
Photo: Vivion Mulcahy

The location has many appropriate resonances, one of which is evoked by the plaque on the building which welcomes the city's liberators at the end of WWII, along with the return of the Luxembourg monarchy, so to speak. (It's a Duchy.)

Frieze depicting granting of the Citizens' Charter
Photo: Vivion Mulcahy

At an earlier stage the building housed the city administration and the frieze above the arches depicts the granting of the Charter of Emancipation in 1244 which guaranteed the citizens rights and duties towards the nobility.

UCD MA in European Studies class Luxembourg

This is our MA class during the Luxembourg visit. I don't remember what the building was but if anyone recognises/remembers it, let me know.

was a Senator (member of Seanad Éireann) at the time. He was subsequently Foreign Minister (1973-7) and Taoiseach (Prime Minister) twice (1981-2 & 1982-7). He died 19 May 2011.

I have recounted some anecdotes from 1966/7 here.

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