Thursday, August 27, 2015

Henry Buckley

Henry (Harry) Buckley at his exhibition in Pearse St. Library
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This is Henry Buckley. I found him purely by accident as I passed through the exhibition space in Pearse St. library on my way to Stuart Rosenblatt's presentation of his Irish-Jewish database to the City of Dublin.

Henry has an exhibition here this month (August 2015) which unfortunately closes next Monday.

Overview of a portion of the exhibition

This public exhibition space is a jewel in the crown of the city of Dublin and it is put to good use by the city's library service. This is where I saw Sueann Moore's Dockland Days exhibition which was an imaginative presentation of the Ringsend/Docklands area in images and folklore.

Sueann was a beginner but Henry is a different kettle of fish. He has exhibited at this year's annual exhibition in the Royal Hibernian Academy and has been exhibiting for over a decade.

Like Sueann he is a local, a native of Macken St. now living in Ringsend.

An example from the Horse Riders series (palette knife)

As a matter of personal taste I wasn't gone on the more representational or still life exhibits. But the various palette knife series are quite stunning.

You can see more of Henry's work on his excellent (clean and unpretentious) website which includes contact details.

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