Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where is it ? No. 37

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Update - almost immediately

Damn him. He's done it again. Felix Larkin gets the prize. The cheque is in the post.

But I have solved the mystery. He is the only person who reads my blog and when I post one of these quiz items he races out of the house and walk the streets of Dublin till he finds the answer.

Well done Felix.

Google Street View. Shadow is of Pepperpot Church


  1. Mount Street Crescent, alongside the Pepper Cannister church. FELIX

  2. For the first time I knew the answer but not fast enough.

    I met a friend for lunch recently and parked close to Mount Street Crescent. I noted that there were a number of statues - one was stated as having been commissioned by Ivor Fitzpatrick Solicitors to remember street games played by children - a girl twirling in a rope around a light post.

    Your man was around the corner. Across the road were two playwrights but behind glass.

  3. @Mixed Messages

    Sorry you missed it. That fella Felix is very quick on the draw.

    It's a very interesting sculpture and in a sense has an afterlife of its own which you can trace on the sculptor's own website (which I only discovered yesterday).