Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where is it ? No. 36

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And if you know, you might also add who?

Answer in comments below please.

Update - almost immediately

It's only up and the solution is already on the front page of the Freeman's Journal. Would somebody tell Felix Larkin's mammy to keep him off the streets for a decade or two.

Yes, he's done it again.

I had a premonition when I put it up that he'd know it, but thought he might just have kept his head down in that hallowed hall.

Anyway, here it is in context.

Daniel O'Connell in conversation with Thomas Davis
in the beautiful surroundings of Dublin's City Hall

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Daniel O'Connell, statue in City Hall Dublin.

Póló said...

Thank you Felix. That only lasted 26 minutes. I'll have to make them harder or you'll have to put your mind to some of the earlier unsolved ones.

Haven't they done a magnificent job on the interior of City Hall?