Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pillar launch 2

Donal Fallon
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It felt very odd to be at one of these things, with my camera along, but not taking photos. I have done a substantive post on the occasion and am grateful to New Island Books, publishers of The Pillar, for these photos. You can see more on their facebook page. The photo above is of Donal speaking to the book and in the course of which he paid tribute to Shane.

Pól Ó Duibhir

This is me at my formal best. New Island says that I launched The Pillar "with a hilarious speech replete with anecdotes." So someone out there was listening.

Manus O'Riordan

Manus clearly can't get enough of it. No wonder the books are leaping off the shelves and a second edition may be needed soon.

Donal Fallon and Tom Stokes

I don't know how many books Donal signed. Must have run into the millions. I had a long chat with Tom myself outside The Duke afterwards.

Liam Sutcliffe and Las Fallon

Liam is still the only man to have publicly admitted involvement in blowing up Nelson and Las is Donal's father and a great supporter.

Donal Fallon and partner Aoife

Donal and Aoife had a well deserved evening basking in the limelight.

Ciarán, Donal and Sam

The team behind the iconic Dublin blog Come Here to Me!

Pól Ó Duibhir and Eoin Purcell

Myself and the publisher just about to start discussions on my own forthcoming book.

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