Monday, May 26, 2014

The History Show

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Every Sunday evening, in season, The History Show goes out on RTÉ Radio 1 between 6 and 7pm. The presenter is Myles Dungan (above), a radio veteran and a man well qualified to present a history show.

I was in studio last Sunday with Donal Fallon, who has written a great book on Nelson's Pillar, to which I contributed some photographs. That item will be aired at the start of next Sunday's show (1/6/2014).

Producer Yetti Redmond (above) has her hands full at the moment, not just with the Sunday live shows, but with some pre-recordings for the Bank Holiday weekend, and a series of short one minute WWI inserts to be aired with the ads over the summer. These are generally recollections or stories from people who had relatives in that war. I have done two, but they ran to three minutes each, so getting them down to a minute is just part of what Yetti has to sort before the summer break.

Although the consoles are now all madly computerised, there is still something of the same atmosphere in the cubicle that I remember from the third floor of the GPO before radio moved out to the current Radio Centre in Montrose. I don't quite go back to the days of "2RN" (before I was born) but I do know what limiters are and what a compressor does and that people are now generally more promiscuous in their use than formerly.

Two more images of John Behan's Na Guthanna (2001) celebrating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of 2RN in 1926.

You can hear the item on The Pillar from the History Show of 1 June 2014 here, and see a slightly scattered and non chronological sequence of some of my photos here.

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