Wednesday, March 05, 2014

In Memoriam

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Last Friday (28/2/2014) I was down at the Raheny Market beside All Saints' Church when I noticed some unusual activity in the church grounds.

On further investigation it turned out that a small memorial garden was being created. It consisted, as you can see above, of a gravel pathway leading to a granite tiled circle with two granite benches and a celtic cross. There was also a memorial granite plaque with a prayer. There has also been some planting around the site.

The setting is really beautiful in the grounds of this fine historic church and those in search of serenity, particularly after the death of loved ones, may well find it here.

You can click on the image of the plaque to see a larger readable version.

The day I was there I met a lady who was very distrought. Her husband had died a year earlier and she was very affected after reading the plaque.

The celtic cross simply shows this year's date 2014. It is a replica of the Marie Hayes Cross which stands in the middle of Raheny Village. You can read up on Marie here.

All the granite on the site is Wicklow granite, the same variety as the church itself was constructed from. No doubt the passage of time will match them up. The church has been there since 1889.

Although there is a new Rector in place since last November, the memorial garden is part of the legacy of the much loved former rector, Jim Carroll.

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