Thursday, October 31, 2013


Inside the hall looking out, daytime.

I was up in Lidl the other day and saw oodles of Halloween stuff, so for once I thought I'd get something. I settled on a plastic picture with the intention of putting it in the porch for when the local kids called to the door.

I stuck it up earlier today and it looked great. Just fitted the glass panel on the door and let the light through, something which hadn't occurred to me when I bought it.

Outside view, daytime

Needless to say, the outside view in daytime was colourful but not spectacular.

Outside view, night-time

By nightfall, after 5.30pm, the thing really came into its own, and what you see above was the spooky welcome for the spooky kids.

Quite a few came to the door and they were all very well made up. There were vampires, dead brides, Darth Vader, zombies, Batman, witches and sundry corpses, to mention but a few.

Good night had by all.

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