Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Range Battery Hens

Click for larger image

My visualisation of a concept from Doug Rogers. Doug knows a bit about hens but a lot more about batteries.

The view is of part of No.7 Battery (Dublin South) seen from inside the Martello Tower.


Anonymous said...

Without doubt, they are eggspert gun layers from a crack unit ready to knock the stuffing out of the enemy and give them a good roasting. Any prisoners taken will be grilled.

Póló said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for that. Great to know there is someone out there.

I'm sure someone will eventually come up with hen parties and powder rooms. Except, now I've got in first.

But enough of that. And back to the real world.

It struck me that the contradiction between "Free Range" and "Battery" would probably be lost on the younger generation, where free range now simply means a marginally bigger cage in the battery, so to speak. Like a minor hotel room upgrade.

In my day there was the henhouse and the henrun.

Mammy whats a "henrun", is it like a mini Marathon.

No son, in the old days the hens used to have a big garden, gated to be sure, but now they just live in urban apartments with no garden at all.