Friday, June 28, 2013

In Print

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Up to yesterday I had never published a book. Today I have published three books.

They are unique because they are books of talks I have given on local and family history and they are limited editions - limited to one copy of each. Priceless.

Thought I'd share. What you see above are the three books. From the bottom up: The Shoemaker's Daughters - my Burgess ancestors; A Policeman's Lot - my Dwyer ancestors; and, The Corsican Defence - the restoration of a Martello Tower in Killiney Bay.

They are beautifully produced and bound, on hard glossy pages with bright crisp images.

My grandfather, Michael Dwyer, who joined the RIC from the family homestead in East Limerick and spent most of his career in Co. Mayo, principally in Ballyhaunis.

Martello Tower (No. 7 Dublin South) beautifully restored and armed by Niall O'Donoghue on a site where I used to attend, and I hope entertain, Patrician meetings in my youth.

Thanks to Eoghan and Susan for this magnificent present.

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