Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Albert on the Lawn

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While in real life, Prince Albert (1819-1861) died 40 years before his consort Queen Victoria (1819-1901) there is one place where he survives her, so far, by 65 years. That place is Leinster Lawn, in the garden of the Irish Parliament. The huge statue of his Queen was removed from the Lawn in 1948 and is now in Sydney, Australia.

Albert's statue is a fine one by John Henry Foley RA, who also did O'Connell in O'Connell Street, Dublin, the Albert Memorial in London, and the bust of Emily Lady Hughes in St. Iberius church in Wexford Town.

It is surrounded by four figures representing the Prince's interests, and I was intrigued to see a very old fashioned camera at the base of the one above.

Wikipedia gives me loyal and sure as a translation of the Prince's motto, Treu und Fest, while Google gives me faithfully and firmly though it also offers laid as an alternative to the latter.

The Prince in Wikepedia.

And the story of Queen Victoria's demise here.

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