Monday, April 01, 2013

A Government Easter Egg

Last Sunday, in the very early morning, the clocks went forward. That was probably just as well as everything else seems to be going backward.

It emerged in the course of this gravity defying exercise that Alan Shatter is the Minister for Time. Clearly not the most taxing element in his portfolio, reminding people twice a year, to go forward in the Spring and backward in the Autumn.

That got me meditating on the distribution of Cabinet portfolios, and the Alice in Wonderland world we live in, and it occurred to me that this particular portfolio might be more appropriate to another member of Cabinet.

But then I realised that that particular Cabinet member is already the Minister for E=MC2. Giving him charge of the speed of light, which is supposed to remain a constant, would surely constitute a conflict of interest of the highest order?

What a confusing world we live in.

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