Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Christmas 2012

Christmas Display @ "TEMPTED Size 16-28"
Raheny Shopping Centre, 2007

Just to shift a little this year from Santa and Rudolf and the Sleigh to the Gaffer Elf in Santa's workshop. It is clear that in this era of austerity, high-wage-cost elves have had to be let go and some lower cost locals, themselves in danger of extinction, have been drafted in. And worse, in view of the increase in austerity crime, elaborate alarm and protection systems have had to be installed at the North Pole atelier.

Nevertheless, Santa is expected to start out on his usual trip on Christmas Eve, though some children may have to wait till the New Year before he reaches them as the Reindeer herd has had to be downsized as an economy measure.

As Rudolf himself is getting on, and not up to pulling the loads of nether years, Santa may have to leave gift tokens rather than the actual requested items in a significant percentage of cases. In this, he has promised to have due regard to equitable burden-sharing and rewards based on performance during the year.

Be Good in 2013

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Dáithaí C said...

Have a Jolly Holly and a Cool Yule to my fav. Irish Blogger!