Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Fourth Programme

Ireland's Third Programme for Economic and Social Development expired at the end of 1972.

I was working in the area at the time and decided to design a cover for its successor. A laborious task in the days of Letraset.

For my inspiration I drew on that magnificent blow for Irish freedom, struck some years earlier on 8 March 1966, when Nelson was blown off his Pillar in the middle of the night. The Irish army blew up the remainder of the Pillar itself a week later, and City Hall moved in with the wrecker's ball to pulverise its base the following morning.

It would take a further 30 years or so before the resonance of this imagery found traction as the hubris of the Celtic Tiger led us to take the wrecker's ball to our own economy.

May we rest in peace.

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