Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can't be Trusted

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I know why, a purely technical point. But it is a bit un-nerving when you are trying to get to the Government website and even your browser tells you they can't be trusted.

Reminds me of the time I tried to go to the Taoiseach's (Bertie) site in work on valid business and Websense wouldn't let me in on the grounds of the site's inappropriate sexual content. Again a technical point that could be explained.

Nevertheless, these things pull you up with a start. What was Bertie up to? Why can't the Government be trusted? And this coming from the dogs in the street, or more precisely the fox in your browser.

And me sitting here with me tongue in me cheek.

Stirring times.



Nora said...

I certainly don't trust the present Government. But in fairness, the notification isn't telling you the website can't be trusted, it's telling you the *connection* isn't trustworthy!

Póló said...


Well spotted. And you are, of course, quite right.

The mechanics were that I had a secure connection/site (https://) in my browser address bar and I took the lazy path simply substituting "gov" immediately before the ".ie". The result was that Firefox was told that was a secure connection (such as is needed for financial transactions) and it isn't nor is it intended to be. So Firefox is simply stating the obvious.

Having said that, I couldn't resist the crack in the present climate.


me said...

I assume would have a https prefix if it was set up for passing envelopes ...