Monday, December 26, 2011

Mind the Gap

This photo is taken from the road bridge that crosses the Connolly-Raheny railway line at Venetian Hall apartments in Killester.

I was passing by the other day when I saw workment putting up the wire mesh.

"What's that for" said I, "are young lads pegging stones down on the trains?"

"No" said they, "people dumping rubbish".

You wouldn't believe it possible if you hadn't been told. I suspect they might have been spotted by the security cameras installed when the the new apartments went on fire some time ago. Or maybe the train just ran aground on a mound of rubbish. Anyway the mesh was to sort all this out.

It was only later that I realised a gap had been left in the middle of the mesh, on both sides of the bridge. Now, what is that all about? Beats me for sure. Ideas welcome.

So we're sorted then?

The gap has been closed and all is well.

I gather a mistake had been made.

The gap should have been much wider.

So now it's been closed.

Sleep tight.

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Póló said...

You won't believe the latest twist.

A resident of The Pines, the housing estate beyond the apartment complex, has complained to the City Council that:

(i) the metal fencing was erected without planning permission or consultation with the residents,

(ii) it is made of dark green Palladian fencing which is industrial in nature and in conflict with the traditional red brick of the current bridge wall and the surrounding apartments,

(iii) the height of the fence creates an enclosed jail type feel, and

(iv) it is a cheap and nasty solution which reduces the good aesthetic quality of bridge and surrounding area.

I gather from the complaint that the fencing may have arisen from a bicycle being thrown down onto the DART overhead power wires below.

Anyway, the Council have sent a warning letter to Irish Rail and they have a month to respond.

No doubt we'll hear more about this.