Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wrong Writing

I always remember a piece of wisdom I heard in school. "Never write anything wrong on the blackboard".

This was really advice to the teacher. And it was good advice as I later realised.

There is a lot going on in the subconscious mind all the while, and the rationale of this advice was to avoid visually underwriting something that is wrong. Full stop.

This recollection was provoked by the ad above. It is very sly. It is visually trying to persuade you that this bar is big, but it is slyly covering itself by telling you it is lying. So where does that leave you.

It's not square, but it sure is big.

Which reminded me that over the years, since I was wee, sweet manufacturers have been surreptitiously raising their prices by cutting down on the size of the product.

We had a (sweet) shop when I was young and you could see and feel the gradual shrinkage over time.

You can't beat these guys. Win/win all the way (for them).

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Anonymous said...

Clever ad - I like it.