Wednesday, September 07, 2011

In the soup

The impact of the full-page ad nearly made me drop my hardcopy of the Irish Independent into my soup. Good Lord, I thought, why have I been avoiding playing sports all these years? Sad.

So I checked it out. The advice (above) is even more startling, even if the order is a bit muddled.

None of this is designed to help you concentrate on researching something as relatively boring as your own family tree.

Anyway, seeing as how it's early in the morning, and some of you are limited to the online edition of the paper, I'll leave you with the image below to send you on your way. If you're a collector of football cards you can go to the source. [Sadly the site is no longer online. Just as well I nicked the images at the time.]


Anonymous said...

Ohlala! Ireland sure has evolved since the days of Mr de Valera.....

Póló said...

Mon Cher P

Mr de Valera was from an era that lay between the potato famine and the potato crisp.

I doubt he had quite this kind of come in mind when he referred to comely maidens.

But, sure that's life for ya.

Anonymous said...

All the way from Roman Catholic repressive puritanism to sexist 'femme-objet' commercial adds for junk-food...
Progress is definitely not a linear process!

Póló said...

Two reflective pieces in today's Indo on this subject.

Must say I agree with both Martina Devlin and Kevin Myers , and they agree with each other, up to a point. Is this the first cuckoo of winter?

Martina points to the contradiction in the Hunky Dory ads between indulging in junk food and looking like the models in the ad, and she is correct. But she also advocates a further campaign with the slogan Supporting Irish Jobs, while her approach would put these particular Hunky Dory Irish jobs out of business. Well, you can be right most of the time.