Friday, August 19, 2011

Embedding Flickr

I just wondered if it were possible to embed Flickr photos in a web page.

In fact it is quite easy to do and it opens up possibilities for interesting presentations on your web page or in your blog.

The photos in this post are simply links to those in my own Flickr collection.
  • Find the shot you want in a photostream in Flickr.
  • Left click on the photo and you will get a larger size of that one photo.
  • Left click on the Actions button above the photo and then on View All Sizes in the dropdown menu.
  • Pick the size you want
  • Right click on the link "Download the [whatever size] of this photo".
  • Click on copy link location in the dropdown menu (or the equivalent on your particular browser)
  • Use the following code format on your web page/blog <img src="" />
  • Paste the link in between the quotes

You can do this with any photo on Flickr, and not just your own.
You don't need to be logged in to Flickr.

Just thought I'd share this. Haven't yet decided myself on just how I'll use it.

My Flickr

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