Saturday, May 07, 2011

Buck House

Interesting how all that stuff floating around in the news is subliminally absorbed and affects your perception of things.

Now, take the royal wedding and the impending royal visit to Ireland.

For an instant, I thought I had found another immortal typo.

Just as, when I now see an ad in the distance for Polish (shoe variety), I think it is another Polski (immigrant variety) poster or sign.


Anonymous said...

Like the Buckingham Place sign.
Can't think of an exact equivalent, but it reminds me of when I lived in Rathmines and a mate was knocked off his motorbike. To mark the incident, we altered the name of the site of the collision from Mountpleasant to Unpleasant Avenue.
I know, terrible vandalism.

Póló said...


Know what you mean. Used to know that area and your version of the sign may well have been the more accurate description. (Oops!)