Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Quality

I have been trying to figure out what the current Fine Gael logo is supposed to represent.

I suppose the "green flag" is obvious from the green, white and orange.

But the blue, and so much of it, from the party of the Blueshirts? Either somebody slipped up there or the party has identified a latent fascist streak in the Irish electorate.

And do I detect a touch of Papal yellow in there? With all the electoral brouhaha out there you may have forgotten that Ireland hosts the Eucharistic Congress next year.

And the shape of it.

Possibly intended to convey star quality, but it reminds me more of Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan) sprinkling her stardust.

Maybe we need some of that dust to sprinkle over the "bailout" deal, though I would prefer the application of a few Ninja stars there myself.


Póló said...

Re the shape:

A colleague referred to a certain, now defunct, Dublin laundry and a symbol subsequently promoted by Herr Schicklgruber.

I think I would settle for a Brigid's cross as via media in this dispute.

Póló said...

A tweeter has suggested a five pointed star, or pentagram.

This brings in the golden ratio, as opposed to the golden circle.

Highly appropriate.

Keep 'em coming.

Vivion said...

A star composed of colliding boomerangs, in the national colours opf green, white, orange, and St Patrick's Blue.

Not a blue(hair)shirt in sight.


Póló said...

And don't forget the two shades of green. That's only two out of forty.

On the other hand it may be an acknowledgment of the current appalingly high level of emigration - as in far away hills are greenest. Unfortunately, due to the pits into which the country has been plunged, this is actually true today.

Anonymous said...

I must say - I don't give a damn about their logo. It's their credibility at this grave time for the country, that concerns me. (I'm not voting for them, but it looks like much of the country is.)

Póló said...


Neither do I.

This page started out as a divarsion and was filed under trivia on my home page. In the course of compiling it I noticed the logo and thought a trivial blogpost might be in order.

Unfortunately, this election, which were it not for the national bankruptcy might have some interest, is irrelevant, unless FG were to burn the bondholders, which does not seem on the cards.

I suspect that many of the young people who have suddenly developed an interest in voting this time round will be very disillusioned in the aftermath.

Póló said...


I suppose we could take the clatter of boomerangs as representing the the current massive wave of emigration to Australia and the (forlorn?) hope that some of them will come back to base eventually.

Ricky Connolly said...

Blue is the colour of conservatism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_colour#Colors).
As for the star, I don't know. It is obviously a throw back to the old logo (http://www.michaelcreed.ie/images/fine_gael_logo.gif), which also includes a five pointed star. But what does the star on the original logo symbolise? The answer has been lost to the sands of history,