Friday, February 04, 2011


If you want to see some real sexist stuff in operation you could do worse than follow up on the two idiot commentators who figured the offside rule in soccer was too complicated for a mere woman to understand.

What provoked their ire was a not-offside call by lineswoman Sian Massey. They figured it was offside and she called it wasn't.

They jeered her on-mike and one of them, who was a serial offender, was subsequently sacked by that "gender equality channel" Sky, while the other guy resigned.

Right bloody order.

There is nothing complicated about the offside rule in the first place. It is essentially the same rule as when I started following soccer in the 1960s. It is even the same rule (almost) as applies in the soccer board game Subbuteo, played by both genders of all ages since time immemorial. Further examples here.

While the rule itself is not complicated, implementing it on the field can be. It requires the referee/linesperson to determine whether the intended recipient of the ball is offside at the moment the ball is played by the kicker. No easy task, and angles of view can be very deceptive so the referee-team needs to be way ahead of the actual play.

I wonder if a change in the rule so that it applied to the recipient at the point when he received the ball might not simplify matters without in any way impinging on the game as currently played?

In any event, we're well rid of these pompous sexist pricks. And the rest of them had better watch out.

The only guys offside here were the two idiot commentators.

Full marks, Sian.

Chwarae Teg.

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Surveillance on many offices or newsrooms would reveal outrageous slurs on all sorts of people. Once worked somewhere with habitual sectarian banter, but where anything racist would have been completely beyond the pale.