Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

St. Assam's @ night

The ruined St. Assam's Church, in the centre of Raheny village,
dates from a 1712 reconstruction of a 1609 building,
and is believed to be the successor
to an early religious settlement.

from Póló's photostream @ Flickr


Mary Danaher said...

Beautiful shot. Also loved seeing your photos of Ballybrack.
Would you know anything about house #114? seems my Grandmother lived there in 1901 as a young house servant.
I live on Coronado Island, CA. Thank you. Mary Danaher

Póló said...

@ Mary Danaher

Thanks, Mary.

I don't know what house you are referring to by #114. Could you give me the full url/link?

I have two sets of Ballybrack pictures on my site.

A modern photo tour:

An older photogallery:

And there are also photos in a Powerpoint presentation on the area's history:

You can get further historical background here:

What was your Grandmother's surname in 1901?