Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greet local

I love original postcards, notelets and other original creations pressed into the service of communication.

I have already drawn attention to the stresses of monastic life bringing an undercurrent of humour to your next postcard.

I came across some very nice local cards today, painted by Jean Shouldice. Jean has a wide range of Dublin cards, but two in particular took my fancy: All Saints' Church in Raheny and a view of Howth Harbour from the Gem.

All Saints is an impressive Church situated at the northmost point of the old St. Anne's estate. It was built by Lord Ardilaun (Guinness) and the daughter of the first rector was Marie Hayes, missionary and feminist in the terms of her day.

Jean has done a beautiful representation of the church (above). If there are any philanthropists reading this, the roof fund is very badly in need of support at the moment.

The view of Howth Harbour has different resonances for me. This is the view I saw looking out my front window up to the age of 5. My mother ran the Gem which faces the harbour.

Again Jean has produced a very evocative view (below).

Jean's cards are available in many outlets, but from my point of view, in particular, in Best Sellers, behind Supervalu in Raheny village.


Anonymous said...

If you ask the lady caretaker very nicely she'll let you go up the bell tower and see the Guinness family sarcophagus in the crypt! Although that was 18 years ago...

Póló said...


I haven't been up the belfry yet but you'll see from this post that I have now covered the sarcophagus.