Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flies like a dart, darts like a fly

It's taken them 24 years to cop on to this concept.

No wonder they haven't thought through the toilets yet.

This is the conflicting position between Pearse (formerly Westland Row) and Tara St. You board a DART at Tara St. and you have to wait for Howth or Malahide, or Greystones, to have a pee.

I was in Dún Laoghaire station recently and asked a porter where was the toilet. "We don't have one. It was vandalised". End of story. Cross your legs and pray to your Deity.


I could think of a few targets for that dart in the poster.

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Praying Cross-legged said...

And now with the cold spell coming on and all that.