Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Scary Halloween

Raheny, Oct 2010


Unknown said...

Bejaysus!! Mind you Raheny was always scary!

Póló said...

@Dáithaí C

I'll have you know that Raheny is no mean village.

It came first this year in the category for Dublin City in the National Tidy Towns, and took first place for Best Mixed Shopping Street.

It won three top prizes in the North Dublin City Council Region: Best Urban Village, Best Shopping Street for Howth Road, and Best Individual Contribution.

So there, Dáithaí C, you (barely) Northsider. Beat that.

Póló said...

In passing.

Members of the recent Raheny parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land "sailed on the Sea of Galilee with a very lookalike St. Peter who cast his net and caught one fish. This was promptly restored to the deep."

Source: Raheny News, 31/10/2010.

Unknown said...

I sit abashed!

Reminds me of when Pinner over here was described as small and boring.

The locals were outraged, they pointed out that Pinner wasn't small!

Don't know why they returned the fish to the deep, had they not brought any loaves with them!!!

Póló said...

Nor is Raheny boring. It is oozing history; it's public library is one of the busiest in town; and it's growing apace.

The answer to fish problem is obvious. No it's not a restocking scam. The lookalike St. Peter clearly hadn't purchased a fishing licence. Another tour operator cutting costs.

'Pon my ghoti.