Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fergie Flogs Favours

The great-grandfather was a gentleman, resident in Belfast. The grandfather was a Roman Catholic master-confectioner who had to flee the sectarian bakery of his day. The mother married my uncle. And the cousin showed me a very elaborate looking family tree which purported to relate him (and by implication, me) to Sarah Ferguson.

I must say the family tree was less than convincing. But I always had a sort of in interest in Sarah Ferguson. Plain looking intelligent girl marries Prince. Steep learning curve. British royal family sampling the proletarian gene pool.

Exciting stuff. Not put off by divorce or toe sucking or any other minor aberration.

But what about the latest story. This is just plain corruption.

And I never got a copy of that elaborately drawn up family tree.

Guess my chances of a copy have just bombed.

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