Saturday, April 17, 2010

Glasnevin Abú

I have lots of associations with Glasnevin, a northern suburb of Dublin City. My great grandfather was a carpenter there, my grandfather was born there, and two of my uncles from totally different sides of the family lived there.

So I was thrilled to see the Glasnevin Youth Concert Band recruiting in one of my local shopping centres, Clare Hall, recently. If you play an instrument and live in Dublin, the band wants you.

They are an enthusiastic lot of young people, even if the combination of instruments, in this much reduced composition, is a little anomalous. Drums, reed and brass will drown out unamplified fiddles, but this is a remediable offence.

Dublin city is crying out for youth activities and full marks to the promoters of the band for offering this opportunity to the city's young people. You don't have to be from Glasnevin to join. All you need is to play an instrument and know where the place is to turn up for an audition and rehearsals.

The repertoire is ambitious and relayed with great gusto, if with some corners that need a bit of rounding. However, that should be an encouragement to likely candidates. You're not joining the perfect band. Don't be put off. Bring your enthusiasm and your instrument and make a contribution.

There is great potential here. Good on them.

You can hear them on YouTube, and contact them through Sandra 086 398 8366 or Ray 086 850 2574.


Dáithaí C said...

Wonderful place Glasnevin.

I went to school in Glasnevin in St. Mobhi's Lane, romed the Bots after school, went to Scouts behind the Inkbottle School, (it's now beside the Wigwam Church which was originally the Wooden Church not to be confused with the Tin Church which was in Ballygall!) and wasted much of my formitative years in the Tolka House.

Póló said...


So, you'll be joining the band then?

Donal said...

Couldn't agree more regarding youth activities :)