Monday, March 02, 2009

Free lunch?

This is the sort of advertising that drives me nuts. You would think from reading it that the company was providing a public service for free. Where is the regulator? These guys should be shackled in the brackets they omitted from the ad:

Chasing down numbers
(& texting them back for free).

Advertising is becoming increasingly misleading and dependent on small print to obscure the lies. It is even worse on radio where the reader's word-speed per minute accelerates to the unintelligible as soon as they hit the compulsory disclaimers.

If I had my way I would force advertisers to provide the misleading services they advertise at no additional cost to the consumer. I would also insist that radio ads be read at a uniform speed. The choice would be theirs as to whether you found the whole ad unintelligible or understood both the message and the disclaimers in equal measure.

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