Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digging Deep

In these days when the public service is being criticised for being full of lazy cossetted layabouts, it is refreshing to see at least one institution display commendable thoroughness in the pursuit of its mission statement.

I was tickled to see from my tracker that the State agency charged with advising on the disbursement of monies in dormant accounts have been getting their hands dirty (so to speak) in real field work. These accounts, which have lain dormant (unclaimed and inactive) in banks for a certain length of time, and where the banks have had the use of the money, have been appropriated by the State and the money used for purposes more in line with national priorities. Should the original owner of the account in the bank appear and wish to reactivate it, the money is returned by the State to the bank.

The above tracker entry shows this State agency burrowing in Mount Jerome cemetery.

Google led them to a post of mine on Eibhlín's funeral. I had found this ceremony a most uplifting experience. I hope the agency was equally uplifted on reading the post.

Incidentally, I thoroughly recommend StatCounter as a tracker. It offers both free (basic) and pay for (de luxe) versions.

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