Friday, November 18, 2005

First Post

I keep starting this blog over.

I haven't really got a use for it and originally set it up just to see how these things worked.


Since then I have left Tripod and set my website up with ipowerweb, which seems fine. It's at

Coláiste Mhuire

I have a subpage on it devoted to my class in Coláiste Mhuire(class of '63) which I hope will include ongoing news views and photos. I have whacks of these and intend scanning them in over the next (possibly very long) while.

College of Europe

I am also thinking of having a section devoted to my College of Europe class in Brugge (Class of '68) though they don't know that yet. I have already some stuff up on the college and some photos from Brugge (formerly Bruges)in the 1967/68 period.

General Photos

I have also scanned in quite a few photos which are presented in a photogallery while other photos appear in context in features such as that on Paris in 1988 or a slideshow of shots around Ireland.

Ongoing Stuff

I am also doing a few ongoing features like Signs of the Times where I poke fun at bad signage or Shop Rage where I vent my frustrations at the current obstacle course called shopping.

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Póló said...

Where do you get all these wonderful ideas?