Thursday, June 26, 2014

WWI: Killiney & Ballybrack

My main interest in WWI is my uncle's death on the Somme. However, there are some crossovers between my work on my family history and earlier work on local history in the Killiney/Ballybrack area, as the extract from the Irish Times in 1915 shows.

Basically British recruiting officials are pressuring local authorities directly to release eligible employees into the army. They are also exerting indirect pressure through regional recruiting committes to get the local authorities to set up local recruiting committees to exhort locals to join up.

Killiney and Ballybrack feel they have done their bit with 60 volunteers from the area by October 1915. So much so that the local builder is moaning he can't find workers to enable him to carry out building contracts.

You will notice the threat of conscription still hovering in the background.

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